Empowering real estate professionals to build systems that pave the way to freedom.

Experience increased happiness, success and peace, while delivering exceptional service to your clients – starting this month. We bring structure to your chaos in the way that works best for you.

DIY Virtual Training

Whether you’re an independent agent or part of a team, our DIY Virtual Trainings offer a cost-effective solution to install structure in your business, liberating you from the chaos.

Group Virtual Consulting

Powerful 12-week hybrid programs with hands-on training combined with weekly office hours to get unstuck, get coaching and collaborate with peers to build your path to freedom.

1-on-1 Virtual Consulting

Consider a radical approach to “coaching.” Work with Pam on a specific area of your business for 12 weeks, enough time to stay focused, fully implement a system, and create the habit of using it.

In-Person Training

Participate in our in-person workshops, designed for agents and teams to develop the systems they need. Empower your team to hold each other accountable, reach their goals, and strive for more.

Get out of the trap of
being comfortable simply keeping busy remaining stagnant

We all got into real estate for the “freedom” and quickly realized we were trapped in chaos. But why? Honestly? Real estate is hugely complex and there is a ton to learn – until we break it down into bite-sized, actionable pieces.

If you are ready to tame the chaos and start building your pathway to freedom, you can rely on our easy-to-follow, step-by-step processes.

We’ve been where you are and know there’s a better way – one that doesn’t have to cost you tens of thousands of dollars and years to achieve.

From structure comes freedom

Once we put your team’s structure into place, you will have a strong foundation from which to build the business of your dreams and achieve the freedom you want.
Whether an agent, a team or a brokerage, we all struggle to find the time (and bandwidth) to implement the systems we know we need to move forward.
We suffer from analysis paralysis – of the many (many!) things we could do, which is the one that will help me most right now?

You need systems and processes to…

Bring a ton of value to the people on your team

Provide a “surprise and delight” experience to your clients

Optimize your income by recognizing and converting the leads that are constantly flowing through your team.

You can get more done, faster and cheaper, with proper systems and models in place

Break Down Your Business

Dive deep for clarity on the components and bottlenecks of your business


Come Up With A Plan

Step-by-step, practical guide on how you can divide and conquer


Set Up Systems

Bite-sized, actionable tasks to grow your business without the overwhelm.


Need more detail? Here is an example…

When we ask agents across the country what systems they need in their businesses, they say "all of them!" Sadly, "all of them" isn't helpful when creating those systems. So, where to start? Here are a few places we like to start as they have the biggest impact:

First, we start with your calendar. We know you've "tried time blocking" before, yet probably didn't have someone walk you through the process of making your calendar a powerful tool to pull you through your day.

Second, we look at your SPECIFIC lead generation activities. What, exactly, will you do in each of your lead generation pillars?

Third, we look at your client experience. Are you consistently getting introductions to client's friends and family.... before they even close?

Then there are the buyer and seller processes, looking at your skills and conversion rates. There are so many places to start, it can feel overwhelming! That's why having a coach who can diagnose exactly where to spend your time first for the biggest ROI is important.

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